Carry Freedom


Carry Freedom create innovative high-quality solutions tailored for people living in the real world.
Every journey with a trailer is a journey without a car. By making carrying stuff by bike easy, Carry Freedom encourage more cycle journeys.

Free your life, free your bike and carry more!

Carry Freedom trailers are being sold throughout the world. The Y is the iconic load trailer, carrying everything from kayaks to beer crates. The LEAF is their new folding trailer. The Y-Surf is a trailer with true board-carrying capacity, but works just as well for ladders and cellos!  Carry Freedom has also created The Bamboo Trailer, a build-at-home project for developing countries which has been downloaded thousands of times and built in the most remote areas.
Free your life, free your bike and carry more. If you are looking for freedom, you have found the right brand.
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