Best Cargo Bike Trailers for Bikepacking, Camping and Commuting

Best Cargo Bike Trailers for Bikepacking, Camping and Commuting

Maybe it's time to get a serious upgrade on your two wheeled adventures and daily cycling commutes?

Ditch the panniers for one large waterproof bag on a trailer. Cargo trailers can be surprisingly light and are designed to be manoeuvrable and lean with your bike.

In an era where sustainability and convenience reign supreme, cargo bike trailers have emerged as a practical and eco-friendly solution for transporting goods and gear.

Whether you're a daily commuter, a weekend adventurer, or a parent on the go, these trusty companions offer a myriad of benefits that can revolutionize and transform your ride.

Sustainable Mobility

One of the most compelling advantages of cargo bike trailers is their contribution to sustainable mobility. By opting for pedal power over fossil fuels, users significantly reduce their carbon footprint and help combat air pollution and congestion in urban areas. Cargo bike trailers promote cleaner, greener transportation options that align with environmentally conscious lifestyles.

Enhanced Utility

Cargo bike trailers are designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, from grocery runs to outdoor adventures. Their spacious interiors and customizable configurations make them ideal for carrying groceries, bulky items, camping gear, and even pets. With various attachment points and accessories available, users can tailor their cargo trailers to suit specific requirements.

Health and Fitness

Cargo bike trailers incorporate resistance training elements into everyday cycling. Manoeuvring a loaded trailer requires additional effort, providing cyclists with a more challenging workout that engages different muscle groups and boosts overall strength and endurance. Unless you have an E bike hauling you up a hill.

Family-Friendly Transport

For families with young children, couples can pull a child trailer with one bike and haul the family fun packed goodies and essentials in a cargo trailer with their second bike. Accommodating strollers and other baby gear.

Best Cargo Bike Trailers

We’re going to dive into some of the top brands — Croozer, Burley, BOB and Andersen.

Croozer: German Precision, your versatile companion

Croozer Cargo Trailers combine German engineering with practicality and style. With a focus on safety and comfort.  Available in 3 models and sizes

Croozer Tuure Bike Trailer

1. Croozer Cargo Tuure

  • Pros: It’s versatile, durable, and folds down flat for easy storage. With a large capacity of up to 135 liters and 45kg, it can handle everything from camping gear to grocery hauls. It also has a robust waterproof cover available as an accessory, so your stuff stays dry, even if you don't. 
  • Cons: It’s on the heavier side at just over 10kg, which might slow you down on steep hills. Also, the price tag is a bit hefty, but hey, quality and air suspension comes at a price.
  • eBike Compatibility: Yes, it’s eBike compatible. So, when your legs are ready to give out but you still have miles to go, your eBike and Croozer combo will get you up the hill. Croozer have a Click n Crooz system for most rear hubs. More info here.

2.Croozer Cargo Pakko

  • Pros: It’s perfect for city commuting with a sleek design that makes maneuvering through traffic a breeze. It can also haul up to 45kg with a capacity of 135L as well as a integrated rain cover available as an accessory to keep your belongings dry.
  • Cons: Unlike the Tuure it does not have the Croozer AirPad® suspension
  • eBike Compatibility: Yes, the Pakko is E Bike compatible. More info here.

 A man outside a shop with a bicycle towing a Croozer Cargo trailer

3. Croozer Cargo Kalle

  • Pros: It’s the user friendly compact sister of the Pakko and Tuure. The Kalle is light weight at 8kg with a capacity of 92L and 45kg. Easily transport small loads of gear or luggage with this nimble cargo trailer. 
  • Cons:  The Kalle also  does not have the Croozer AirPad® suspension
  • eBike Compatibility: Yes, the Kalle as all Croozer trailers is E Bike compatible.

Burley: The Reliable Workhorse

Burley Cargo Trailers are designed for bikepacking, touring and singletrack riding. Available in 4 models.

Burley Nomad Trailer
  1. Burley Nomad

  • Capacity: 100 lbs
  • Key Features: Weatherproof cover, adjustable dividers, two-wheel design.
  • Pros: The Burley Nomad features a light weight (6.5kg) touring nomad trailer with loads of space for your camping gear, inner pockets to easily organise and find essential items as well as a storage separator.  
  • Cons: On the dear side and more suited for long hauls than quick trips. 


2. Burley Flat Bed

  • Capacity: 100 lbs
    Key Features: Open simple, two-wheel design.
  • Pros: The Burley flatbed features has an aluminium frame for large loads and odd -shaped cargo that would not fit into standard trailer. The Flex connector ensures the trailer stays upright even if the bike lies flat.
  • Cons: No internal storage pockets, not ideal in inclement weather.

3. Burley Coho XC

  • Capacity: 70 lbs
    Key Features: All Terrain, single wheel design
  • Pros: Adjust your bike and your transform your ride with cool features including adjustable shock absorber and kick stand. Adjustable width yoke allows for simple installation on a wide range of hub widths (126-197mm).Hitch and unhitch the Coho with one hand.
  • Cons: The distance between the bike and the trailer can create a swinging sensation.

4. Burley Travoy

  • Capacity: 60 lbs
  • Key Features: Compact folding bike trailer for everyday errands.
  • Pros: The Travoy features an innovative hitch which attaches to your seat post and releases with the flip of a switch. It folds down like origami, fitting perfectly into the included tote bag.
  • Cons: You may struggle to secure and haul items that are wider than the frame. It can bounce about when empty on rough roads.

    Burley Hitch Guide & E Bike Compatibility: You may need an adapter or thur axle to properly hitch the Burley trailer, depending on your bike. You can find more info here to check whether you have a quick release axle, solid axle or thru axle. Please contact us if you need assistance to find a compatible adapter for your E bike. You can also check here to find the right axle to connect your bike & trailer. 

Bob: The Sleek Mountaineer

BOB Cargo Trailers are designed for durability, camping, touring and single track riding off road. Available in 2 models.

The Uni-wheel design keeps BOB faithfully on track, you hardly notice it as it follows you wherever you go. For wild adventures in the middle of nowhere.

BoB Yak Trailer


1. Bob Yak

  • Capacity: 32kg
  • Key Features: Single-wheel sleek intelligent design, touring or camping off road trailer
  • Pros: A great option for mountain bikes 28” & 29” wheels or tandems. The Bob Yak is super light weight at 6kg with a capacity for ample gear. The waterproof BOB bag is included
  • Cons: Careful consideration when loading is required to get the balance right. Load heavy kit in the front and bottom of the trailer.

2. Bob Ibex

  • Capacity: 32kg
  • Key Features: Soft suspension for hard touring and reliable performance.
  • Pros: The trailer tracks the rear wheel of your bike, making for excellent tracking in any situation or terrain. Three inches of adjustable suspension for improved off road and on road handling.
  • Cons: It does not stand on it’s own and can be challenging to attach to your rear hub fully loaded.

    Axle Connection: Depending upon the installation width, BOB trailers can be fitted using either the standard quick release (up to 140 mm axle width), or with the BOB QR quick release (145/160 mm), which is available as an option. For solid-axle bicycles there is the BOB NUTZ for different gearing variants. Contact us with your rear hub specs and bike model number and we will assist you to find a compatible solution for your Ebike or mountain bike. 
    More info here on BOB axles for Ebikes from  the Robert Axle Project. 

BOB Ibex Suspension Demonstration

Andersen-Shopper: The Double Agent

Andersen Bike Trailer are designed for convenience in every day errands, adventures to the beach or a park picnic.  Available in a myriad of funky colours, designs and recycled bags.

Andersen Cargo Bike Trailer


Andersen Shopper Bike Easy

  • Capacity: 110 lbs – 132 lbs
  • Key Features: Dual functionality (bike trailer and shopping trolley), foldable design.
  • Pros: Durable and sustainable materials with a high load capacity which is easy to use and store. An option worth considering when compared to the Burley Travoy. It can easily be connected to most standard bicycles and e-bikes, through the use of the Andersen Bike & Easy coupling system.
  • Cons: May not be as robust for heavy-duty use.

    The Andersen trailer can attach to your bike with the aid of two attachments, one for the trolley and one for the bike. These are sold separately and depend on the trolley type and whether you have a rear rack on your bike. Bike and trolley attachments for Andersen Shopper Trailer can be found here in accessories.

    Bike Connection for Andersen Cargo Tariler


Investing in a cargo bike trailer not only supports a sustainable lifestyle but also enhances your daily transportation experience. Consider your primary use, budget, and personal preferences to find the perfect match for your needs. We are always happy to help if you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Go forth and conquer those urban jungles, mountain trails, and grocery aisles.

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