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Our specialised bike trolley collection allows you to attach a shopping trolley onto your bike. We select products that are practical, quick and easy to attach, meaning you can simply clip your trolley onto your bike, and away you go! Our cycle trolley range means you can choose your preferred trolley for style and practicality while always having the option of attaching it to your bike!
Perfect for a quick trip to the shop, a bike ride with the kids or even an off-road adventure on the way home!
Our trolleys attach to your bike with the aid of two attachments, one for the trolley and one for the bike. These are sold separately and depend on the trolley type and whether you have a luggage carrier on your bike. Bike and trolley attachments for Andersen Shopper products can be found in accessories.
It's also worth noting that the larger the wheels, the more effective the bike trolley will be at navigating off-road terrain.
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