5 Top Tips for Child Bike Trailer Safety

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Riding in the great outdoors with your children in Child Bike Trailers – Safety First!

As cyclists, exploring the outdoors on two wheels is the ultimate adventure. So, wouldn’t it be great to share those unforgettable moments with our loved ones, even if they are too young to ride bikes of their own? Child bike trailers are a great solution, but because they transport precious cargo, we need to ensure that their safety features are up to scratch.
A child bike trailer is simply a trailer you hitch to a bike, allowing you and your kids to enjoy the ride together.
It has been said, that 80% of the time, being a good parent is simply being present for them. So, what better way to spend time with your kids than taking them out on a bike ride in the open air? Quality time builds wonderful memories and special moments.

How old should your child be to ride in a child bike trailer?

According to industry standards, it is recommended that you wait until the child is one year old. Each child’s development is different, but your little one should at least be able sit upright unattended and be able to hold his/her head up while wearing a helmet.
Typically, children can ride in a child bike trailer until they become too tall for their helmets to fit inside in the internal roll bar. The helmet needs to fit well and be fastened correctly. A good helmet will also help with issues associated with rolling and head bounce when a child is asleep in a trailer. It all depends on the child’s development. A guide here would be to take into consideration the height and weight of your child and the child bike trailer type (single trailer or double trailer). The maximum height restriction is usually around 100 cm. The weight capacity for a single trailer is 34 kg and a double trailer 45 kgs. Always make sure that your child knows the policy “no helmet, no ride” and the best way to do this is to follow by example. Protect you and your kids by wearing your helmet.
The strength and weight of the trailers are another important factor to consider when choosing your child bike trailer. The better-quality trailers are made from aluminium, rather than steel. Aluminium is strong and lightweight. With all the environmental elements like dust and rain, ensure that the windows on the trailer have UV protection and are tinted with adequate ventilation.

Top 5 safety tips

1. ASTM F1975-15

The ASTM F1975-15 is a safety testing standard which tests the strength, crushing, harness, the durability and rollover features of the child bike trailers. Although testing standards for child bike trailers are not legally required, all Burley Child bike trailers have met these requirements. Safety, above all, is the number one feature when it comes to carrying your little ones. Happy Parents, Happy Children! ASTM International.

2. A 5-point harness adapts to fit your child's growing body for maximum protection

A 5-point harness has five attachment points designed to restrain your child at the shoulders and hips, which are the most rigid parts of their bodies. In the event of an accident the seat harness transfers the forces of the crash to these rigid points of the body and into the seat. With the 5-point harness, it is easy to adjust to different height positions for growing children. It has an easy-in strap and hook system, which makes it quick and simple to fit the harness perfectly for every journey.

3. A Lightweight Aluminium Frame/Roll cage

In the event of a roll-over the full lightweight aluminium frame/roll cage will ensure that the sides of your trailer do not collapse. This feature will keep your child safe from injuries.
Burley Safety Guarantee

4. Safety Flag

Attaching a bright safety flag to the back of your child’s bike trailer will increase visibility to other road users.
Burley Safety Flag

5. Full-Length UV Mesh Windows for protected panoramic viewing

The three-layer front opening features a mesh inner for warm days or for when your little one wants to feel the wind (but not the bugs) in their hair. Your child is also protected from road debris, moisture and even features a retractable sunshade for those sunny days.
Burley Kids Bike Trailer

Safety First!

With Burley at the forefront of Child Bike trailers, they have seriously considered and implemented vigorous safety testing measures and manufactured the ultimate in safety protocols. These include the ASTM F1975-15 safety testing standard, the Five Point Harness system, an aluminium roll cage, safety flag and mesh windows. When it comes to the safety of your children, Burley has got you covered.
So we investigated the Burley Child Bike Trailers to identify those safety features that have been put in place for everyone’s peace of mind.
Watch this video for more details.

Burley's Child Bike Trailers

Burley Bee Safety Features
Burley Bee is designed to enable family adventures without sacrificing safety or durability
Burley Honey Bee Child Bike Trailer
Honey Bee kids' bike trailer and double stroller is the perfect balance of value and versatility, without compromising on safety.
Burley Encore X

The versatile Burley Encore X kids’ bike trailer and double stroller with suspension opens the door to adventure.

Burley Cub X Child Bike Trailer

The heavy-duty Burley Cub X kids' bike trailer and double stroller is built with a rugged base, independently reclining seats, and a premium interior.

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