InnoPet® Warranty

InnoPet® provides a 1 year full warranty on the fixed frame with the exception of the axles and the fabric. Axles can be overloaded by improper use and the pet can damage the fabric by biting on it, also wear of the fabric is not covered by the warranty. Of course, these parts can always be ordered separately. Factory faults that InnoPet® perceives as such are of course always covered by the warranty. Damage caused by improper use or caused by outside forces fall outside any form of warranty.
The InnoPet® bike trailers & strollers are sturdy, but always keep in mind that obstacles can cause damage to it. When you go down a sidewalk you have to lift the buggy slightly towards you so that the front wheel comes loose from the ground. Then push the buggy forward and let the rear wheels roll slowly from the sidewalk. Then you can place the front wheel on the surface again. Never bump your buggy against a curb, this can damage your frame and is not covered by the warranty!

Metal rims / parts need maintenance. For example rinse wheels & rims after walking on the beach. Good maintenance prolongs the life of your bike trailer/ stroller.

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