Croozer | How Is Your Rear Wheel Attached To The Frame Of Your Bike?


Thru Axle

The Universal Hitch that came with your trailer won't work if the rear wheel of your bicycle has a thru axle, as its diameter is too large for the hitch hole. However, you can still use your Croozer trailer thanks to Croozer's specially designed thru axle system. Simply swap your current thru axle with a Croozer thru axle that has an integrated hitch or an adapter.



Solid Axle

Quick-Release Skewer


The axle hitch that came with your trailer can typically be used if your bicycle's rear wheel is secured with a quick-release skewer. However, if the skewer is too short, you have two options. You can either opt for our Long Quick-Release Skewer, suitable for trailers with non-lockable hitch connectors, or select one of the two quick-release skewers with integrated Click & Crooz® hitch, suitable for trailers with lockable hitch connectors.

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