Croozer Cargo


      Transform your city!


Whether it's a leisurely Sunday ride, a bustling outdoor holiday on the coast, or simply navigating city life, bicycles are becoming a more and more popular mode of transportation. If you're in need of the perfect cycling accessory, look no further than a Croozer bicycle trailer.

And if you're in need of a convenient way to transport your groceries or picnic supplies, our Kalle, Pakko, and Tuure trailers are up to the task. These models are true workhorses and can handle any load.

The Croozer Cargo easily transports items that are too large or heavy for a rear rack or pannier. As a dependable carrier, it can accompany you on all your adventures.



Croozer are guided by the principle of "Simply on the move" in all of their design work for bicycle trailers. Their aim is to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for both passengers and the cyclists who pull the trailers.


Croozer Advantages



A 10-year warranty on the safety frame and 3-year warranty on the entire trailer – so that you can always rely on your Croozer.


 It all comes down to safety – which is why we make it our top priority in the development of our bicycle trailers.


We are working towards a green future with our highly durable products and increasingly environmentally friendly business strategy.

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