Andersen Shopper Hitches and Coupling Devices


Andersen Shopper® trolleys can be quickly coupled and uncoupled via a specially developed coupling system:

Two components for attachment to the bicycle

Andersen coupling systems are designed to fit as many bicycle types as possible. To attach the your shopper trolley to your bicycle, you need two components: a Coupling Stud (which is attached to the trolley frame) and a trailer hitch (which is attached to your bicycle or to the pannier rack of your bicycle).

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1. Deciding which trailer hitch you want for your bicycle


You have a choice of two ways to attach an Andersen trailer hitch to your bicycle, directly onto the bicycle frame via the seat stays, or onto a pannier rack/luggage carrier that is already attached to your bike. The diagram below shows you these options:

Andersen Shopper trailer hitch options

All three trailer hitches are designed so that the pannier rack always remains free and can be used as normal - so, for example, pannier bags or a child seat can still be mounted on the rack.

All three trailer hitches can remain attached to the rack or bike when you're not towing your shopping trolley, or can be easily and quickly removed if you wish.


2. Knowing which coupling pin system you need to use with your trolley


Andersen Shopper trolleys attach to the trailer hitch on your bicycle by two different methods - the coupling pin system you use will depend on which trolley you decide to buy.

If you have a U-Handle shopper trolley, the coupling pin sits between the two struts of the trolley handle. If you have a trolley with an L-shaped handle, the 3-Way-System Grip, the coupling pin attaches to the single strut of the trolley just beneath the handle.

With both of these coupling systems, the shopper trolley can be attached and removed from your bicycle trailer hitch in seconds and the coupling pin can also remain attached to the shopper trolley during normal use away from your bicycle.

The diagram below shows you the two options and with which trolleys they are compatible:

Diagram showing which coupling pins are compatible with which Andersen Shopper trolleys


For more help on deciding which system will work best for you, check out the individual products below for more details and 'How To' videos - or head over to our detailed description of the Andersen Bike Easy system by clicking here.




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