Size guide: Is your toddler ready for a front mounted child seat?


Whether you're riding on the Shotgun seat or the Shotgun Pro seat, the below information is designed to help you know if your child is ready to ride up front on your mountain bike with you.

Is My Child Old Enough To Use The Shotgun Seat?

The shotgun seat is designed for kids 2 years and older, but every child is different – and you know your little one best. We have kids as young as 18 months who are loving riding up-front, but as a general guide, the following signs are a good indication that your little person is ready to ride shotgun:
They can sit unaided
They can follow basic instructions
They can stay awake (for the length of your bike ride)


When Will My Child Outgrow The Shotgun Seat?

The Shotgun seat and Shotgun Pro have maximum weight limits of 22kg and 27kg respectively, which for most kids will see them safely riding shotgun until 5 or 6 years – or until they are more interested in riding their own bike instead, which is a great result.


Can I Adjust The Height Of The Foot-Pegs, Or Extend The Legs Of The Shotgun Seat?

 The Shotgun Pro has extendable legs to grow with your rider, but the Shotgun seat does not. However on both seats you can rotate the legs forward or back to suit your rider.

Is My Child Too Tall To Use The Shotgun Seat?

The shotgun seat does not have a maximum height limit, but if your child is 4 or 5 years old, and is very tall for their age, and you the parent are rather short – you may struggle to see over your child's helmet whilst riding.


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