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The Royal Shopper® Plus is the perfect companion for big shopping trips and long excursions.

The Shopper® frame is specifically created to accommodate the spacious Andersen bags and their high capacity. With a maximum weight capacity of 50 kg, even heavier items can be transported with ease using the Royal Shopper® Plus. The whisper wheels with ball bearings operate quietly and smoothly, making them suitable for traversing uneven terrain. The Andersen Bike & Easy coupling system allows for easy attachment of the Royal Shopper® Plus to most standard bicycles, e-bikes, or pedelecs.

When paired with the Lasse bag, the Shopper® transforms into a versatile essential. Sporting a spacious design, the Lasse bag offers ample storage for large shopping trips or family outings. It also serves as a perfect accompaniment for children's day groups. Featuring water-repellent and dirt-resistant properties, the Lasse bag also comes equipped with reflectors on the sides for enhanced visibility during night or inclement weather conditions. Please note that the Lasse bag is compatible only with the Royal Shopper® Plus and Tura Shopper® models due to its size.

Royal Plus Frame

Made for big actions.

The Royal Shopper® Plus frame is the largest among Andersen Shopper's selection, making it perfect for carrying large bags. With a track width of 58 cm and a weight of 3.2 kg, the Shopper® offers exceptional stability. This chassis is ideal for individuals who frequently use the Shopper® for bulk shopping, beach trips, or forest excursions. Thanks to the ball-bearing whisper wheels, the Shopper® glides smoothly and quietly even on uneven terrain. It can easily navigate over cobblestones, curbs, and forest pathways. Additionally, the attached mudguards protect against dirt and rain when the Shopper® is used while biking.

The Royal Shopper® Plus frame can be easily attached to a bike using the specially designed Bike & Easy coupling system, offering increased flexibility for everyday bike use. When used with its spacious accompanying bag, the Royal Shopper® Plus serves as a great alternative to traditional bike bags or cargo bikes. Plus, the rear luggage rack remains available for other bike bags, baskets, or child seats.

The bags can be easily removed in just a few steps. The large support surface can also be used to transport crates of drinks, for example. This turns a robust shopping trolley into a flexible transport trolley. After use, the Royal Shopper® Plus can be folded up small and fits into even the smallest corner.

Royal Plus Frame Features

Foldable Grip
Foldable base
Folding support
Can also be fitted to a bicycle
Aluminium frame
Pneumatic / ballbearing wheel
Wheels easy to take off
Easy running wheels
Wheel distance: 58 cm
Wheel diameter: 25 cm
Height of frame: 108 cm
Weight of frame: 4,0 kg
Frame load capacity: 50 kg
Size frame: 40 cm x 23-33 cm
HängFix system for supermarket shopping trolleys

Lasse Bag

Design meets size

Featuring a spacious 59-liter capacity, the Lasse bag from Shopper® is the perfect companion for any shopping, family, or leisure outing. Whether it's a trip to the supermarket or the local market, or a visit to the pool, beach, or lake, the Lasse bag can accommodate bulk purchases as well as swimwear. Its versatility makes it a favorite among children's day-care groups and forest kindergartens. Keep small essentials like keys and wallets safe in the interior or hidden front pocket with a secure zipper closure.

The Lasse bag, designed for use with the Shopper® bike trailer, comes in both red and blue options with a stylish quilted pattern on the bottom. The lid height can be modified using the fastener to fit the specific load, while a drawstring underneath offers extra safeguarding.

The Lasse shopping trolley bag is designed with a water-repellent and durable material, making it resistant to light soiling. With built-in reflectors, the Shopper® bag guarantees visibility in all road conditions, including low light and inclement weather.

When not in use, the Lasse bag can be easily removed from the Shopper® and folded flat.

The Lasse bag, designed to fit onto the large Shopper® chassis Tura Shopper and Royal Shopper Plus, is a highly sought-after option for those looking to attach their Shopper® onto a bicycle due to its size.

Lasse Bag Features

Extra closure on top
Side pocket
Inner pocket
Bag easy to take off
Volume of bag: 59 litre
Size bag: 40 cm x 63 cm x 25 cm
Weight of bag: 1,0 kg

Total weight incl. frame: 5 kg


Sustainability has been Andersen's focus since 1958. What started in their parents' horse stable in northern Germany has developed into a company that stands for timeless design and quality worldwide. Only what lasts is sustainable. That's why the Shopper® from Andersen Shopper® Manufaktur have always been made of robust and durable materials. Their diverse Shopper® are made to meet people's needs. No matter if they live in the countryside, in the city, in the mountains or by the sea.

Made in Germany

Handmade from the straight tube to the finished Shopper®. Developed and manufactured in Germany. Each product is manufactured with love and care in a family-run company in northern Germany.

Warranty Provisions

3-year warramnty and comprehensive spare parts service even beyond the guarantee. Andersen offers many spare parts free of charge.


Bike & Easy

Increasingly, bikes are being chosen over cars for everyday transportation, as many recognize them as a functional way to travel for both work and shopping. This move away from vehicles is a common theme in urban areas, but it is also becoming more prevalent in rural areas as bikes and e-bikes are replacing cars, creating a more livable environment.

For two decades, we have enabled a more eco-friendly, mobile lifestyle by supplying our Shopper® as a bicycle trailer. Our specially developed coupling system, made up of a coupling and a pin, make connection and disconnection a breeze. Compared to traditional cargo bikes, the Shopper® offers far greater convenience.

The Bike Cargo Trailer allows for flexible transportation, leaving the cargo carrier free for child seats or bike bags. Its removable bag and wheels make storage convenient when not in use.

Two components for attachment to the bicycle

[Click on the images below for more details]

The coupling systems are designed to fit as many bicycle types as possible. To attach the shopper to the bicycle, two components are needed:

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Andersen Bike Shopper Trolley


This really is the ultimate bike trailer shopping trolley!


Check Out The Trolleys And See How They Are Made!


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Customer Reviews

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Andersen-Shopper | Bike Trailer | Shopping Trolley | Royal Plus Frame | Lasse Bag
Red / Pneumatic wheel with ball bearing Ø 25 cm - £266.00
  • Red / Pneumatic wheel with ball bearing Ø 25 cm - £266.00
  • Red / Whisper wheel with ball bearing Ø 25 cm - £235.00
  • Blue / Pneumatic wheel with ball bearing Ø 25 cm - £266.00
  • Blue / Whisper wheel with ball bearing Ø 25 cm - £235.00

Andersen-Shopper | Bike Trailer | Shopping Trolley | Royal Plus Frame | Lasse Bag

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