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Great mat!

Love the mat - perfect fit for the trailer, the memory foam is solid enough to keep its shape but soft enough to not jar Sasha's boney bottom. The texture was a nice surprise - a velvety matt finish, which provides a good amount of grip. Brilliant buy, and it arrived before expected!

Andersen-Shopper | Bike Trailer Shopping Trolley | Royal Frame | Hydro 2.0 Bag
Richard Stacey
Top quality Gear

Typical German engineering, high quality and built to last

Robust bracket, should fit easily to Pletchser carrier

Robust bracket, should fit easily to Pletchser carrier. However I did not want to change Blackburn carrier on my Cannondale mountain bike, so used Busch & Muller Rear Carrier Light Bracket from St John Street cycles to match coupling to carrier. I drilled out cross member of carrier to bolt Light Bracket firmly to carrier instead of using supplied clamps. I used a flat alloy strap to pack out rear attachment. All seems to be firmly attached but have yet to road test!

Good connection

Adds excellent flexibility to our trolley

Great Service

Just what I wanted ... and very kindly you rang to make sure I had ordered the right bits.

New wheels

Purchased a new buggy for my dog. Fast service, excellent quality product. Easy to assemble and can now go on any terrain.

Innopet® Sporty Deluxe Dog Pram & Bike Trailer with Free Rain Cover | Red/White

Endlessl walking

On the beach in st.Leonard’s on sea
Worth every penny great buy I am happy so is mydog

Everything I wanted ❤️

Brilliant product, really solid build no fab quality, took it off road around a country estate approx 5 mile walk which my old boy managed half of before relaxing in his innopet buggy, he loved it and was quite happy to stand watching the world go by 😂❤️

Happy dog

Just bought this for our 13 year old staffie she's still very independent so will take a bit of encouragement to get her to fully relax but reasonably put together

Great buggy!

The buggy is fantastic and Coco our little Patterdale/Jack Russell loves to ride in it.
It’s given her a great way to come out with us again.
We were perplexed by the number of comments about punctures and initially thought it odd that lots of people had both back tyres go down, but no one mentioned the front one.
Well, we had exactly the same! I investigated and discovered both valves on the main wheels leak. I’ve ordered a valve tool and hope this will solve the problem.
It seems to me that Innopet need to contact their inner tube supplier and let them know they have a problem.
Other than that it’s amazing!

Inner Tubes

They’re like tyres, inside the actual tyres.
They keep the air in, which is nice.

The best of the best doggy stroller

Although on the expensive side, money well spent as the stroller is rigid, excellent frame with the added bonus of pump-up tyres. Folds down easily to a manageable "package" which fits nicely in the boot of the car. Althgough the two main wheels can easily be removed I found it unecessary to achieve the ultimate folding process. Good sturdy "base" where out Staffie sits with ample room to stretch out. Has plently of flexibility with 3 opening "flap" areas. Good relaible foot brake and comes with an additional rain canopy.. Deffo a good buy and worth the money spent.

A new lease of life for our elderly pup

This has been a fantastic purchase. Harry, our 14 year old Tibetan Terrier loves his chariot! We are able to go out for long walks in the country and when he has had enough he hops in and sits happily while we push him up the hills etc. If we stop for coffee he prefers to stay in it so he can snuggle up - to him it's a mobile den. We love how easy it is to pop the wheels on and go. It's easy to manoeuvre and feels very robust over all kinds of terrain. Without it we would be very restricted in what we could do as Harry hates to be left alone for any length of time - now he can come with us for a full day out!

Poppy’s Buggy

Perfect for Poppy’s needs. Have 2 other lively dogs that love their walks across the fields. This buggy copes brilliantly on grass and tracks so she can still come along with her doggy family

Brilliant Innopet Sporty

My shitzu, Chaz has heart and back problems. He is limited to 10 minute walks three times a day. The pram means he can go further, have more variety and meet his friends. Chaz loved the pram straight away. I leave the front open and close the back. He xan pop his head out and taps his paw on the front entrance when he wants to stop and walk. There is good protection against the rain. Chaz hates the rain and will sit happily inside the pram with rain cover on. The pram goes well on grass, even quite long grass. It goes well on the beach on firm and wet sand. It will go on softer sand and thick layers of gravel if pulled backwards. I have had punctures in the 2 months I have used the pram. This was due to the council cutting the hawthorn hedges near my home! I would advise taking a spare inner tube, tyre levers and pump then any punctures are dealt with quickly. Easier to mend the puncture at home. The pram is easy to assemble and fold up and erect. The front wheel is swivel only but makes the pram easy to manoeuvre. I think it would be better if it was possible to chose accessories such as the tow bar as it is unlikely everyone will want one. How about a spare set of inner tubes instead! A little expensive but worth it. Chaz and I love it!

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